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Why You Should Choose A WordPress Website

One of the biggest questions people looking to start a new business often ask is why they should choose a WordPress website. Why not another platform? If these are the questions you have on your mind, then you should sit back and relax to learn the reasons why you should choose a WordPress website.

A website is a very important tool you must implement if you desire to reach your target audience. Setting up a website is much easier than a lot of people think which is one of the reasons why you should choose a WordPress website. The last thing anyone would want to invest in is a wrong framework or website platform. The kind of platform you choose for your business can stand as a potential upgrade or setback for your business. Be wise!

We have made website design in Saigon much easier; it won’t even cost you as much to set up a WordPress website. If you are not convinced on whether to make your website WordPress based, then you should open your mind to the following reasons why you should choose a WordPress website;

  • WordPress Is A Flexible, Open-source And Free Platform

Isn’t it interesting to know that you can have a platform where you can generate your website for free? WordPress is a free software you can download, use, install, and modify to your suit your personal need. The flexibility of WordPress makes it the most suitable platform to for any kind of website. WordPress is an open-source platform that is freely available for commercial, business, and personal use.


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You might need to believe it now that WordPress is the best platform to choose especially for small businesses here in Saigon. WordPress allows you to design and pick whatever theme you would like your website to have. Using WordPress is experiencing real freedom. It costs you absolutely nothing to download and to maintain.

  • WordPress Is Easy To Use And Customize

You do not need to be a web guru to operate WordPress. It is just very simple and easy to use. Many people who use WordPress are less of web designers or programmers. You can use WordPress effectively without prior knowledge. It’s just that easy!

WordPress is an essential website tool for every beginner; it takes no hassle to create one. Also, getting your website customized to suit your needs is just as easy as creating the website itself. There is just a perfect theme that suits every kind of business. Whether you are building a blog, an online store, or a business site, choosing a WordPress website is the best choice you can ever make.

The amazing platform allows you to customize and personalize your website by changing colors and background, creating stylish sliders, and uploading logo. You also get to maximize the use of advanced features like membership area, contact forms, analytics and many more.

  • WordPress Is The Most Popular Website Platform

A lot of people are a big fan of WordPress. It is a well-supported and well-known platform. It has about 40% of websites built on it. It is known for being stable, extendable and flexible. It has a large number of users, so choosing a WordPress website will only help your business to rise up the ladder of popularity.


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Not only is WordPress the most popular platform to build your website, but it is also the most popular website with a pre-built content management system. WordPress leads among other competing platforms with a very large gap.

  • WordPress Is Very Much Affordable Compared To Other Platforms

WordPress is a free software with plenty of free themes and plugins which you can use in building and customizing your website. The only thing you would have to pay for on WordPress is a domain name. So, if one of the questions you have on your mind as regards building a WordPress website is, How much does it cost to build a website? It costs very little which is as low as $96 per year for a basic plan.

While WordPress software is free, you only need to pay for a domain name and web hosting to allow you to install it.

  • Your Website Security Is Guaranteed On WordPress

A WordPress website is a secure website. Majority of website security hackers attempt to use many website’s servers to serve illegal files, set up a short time web server or use your server to relay email spasm. WordPress is however proactive about your website security. This platform makes it easy for you to keep your software updated, which is a way to keep your website safe from data thieves and website hackers.

Some WordPress software updates are developed to perform automatic updates. This is a good way to prevent security weakness. You get to choose if you want a plugin that updates automatically or you may want to take charge of doing the updates by yourself.


  • WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly

Choosing a WordPress website is a sure way to increase your ranking on Google. SEO is very important to every website. The internet is a home competition, WordPress gives you a website that can win at all times. WordPress websites tend to rank higher than other competitors on Google. It builds a kind of website that can be easily seen and accessed by your target audience. Also, you can use WordPress SEO plugins for your website optimization. Get more information on guidance from our website design agency in Saigon.

To wrap it all up, if you desire to have a professional and productive website, you shouldn’t think too hard, your best option is to choose a WordPress website. For people who are not tech-minded and want a WordPress website for their business, it may come across as a bit challenging or as a daunting task. But really, you do not have to stress it. Developing a new website does not have to cost you so much. We are a website design agency in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon; you can always trust us to help you build a productive website.

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